Louise C. wants what Jackie O had ...


Unhappy with her looks, her life, and her empty marriage, Louise Canova needs help -- and she finds it in a secondhand bookstore. A forty-year-old encyclopedia of style titled Elegance, this slim volume by formidable French fashion expert Madame Dariaux promises to transform even the plainest of women into creatures of poise and grace. It is a fairy godmother in print, an A-to-Z manual with essential advice that Louise vows to take to heart. But within its pages lie not only clues from her past, but also powerful lessons for the future. And as the old Louise gives way to the stunning new, she's about to find out that there's more to every life than what appears on the surface ... and that everything, even elegance, has its price.

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‘Ultra-smart and classily edgy..."



“Through vivid descriptions, lively mishaps and devastating details, Tessaro serves up a witty, original, fast–moving debut.”



"This debut novel is the perfect summer read – as delightfully fruity as a glass of Pimm's and with a similar kick, one that catches you unawares." DAILY MAIL


‘funny, charming and a certain bestseller.‘



“The finely wrought debut novel tells a Cinderella story…Tessaro is a skillful writer, and in her capable hands this subject receives the respect it deserves … Readers will enjoy following the harrowing journey of self–discover, renewal, and reinvention to its uplifting conclusion.”



'a perfect pick-me-up'



‘This is a book all women will identify with, and you’ll adore Louise, who’s every bit as charmingly neurotic and nutty as Bridget Jones.’ GLAMOUR


“Hilarious . . . A fantastic read . . . Kathleen Tessaro writes beautifully and with great confidence. I was totally hooked by her unique combination of wit, irony, and darkness.”



‘A brilliant read with fashion advice thrown in!’ NEW WOMAN


‘an irresistible love story and self-help manual rolled into one.’



"It's surprising that this is Kathleen Tessaro's first novel as her style shows the confidence and ease of a more seasoned writer… A charming, entertaining novel."



‘Poignantly funny’



‘The best of the genre’